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Transportation Engineering

As communities and economies prosper, the need to maintain and improve the transportation infrastructure vital to that growth increases as well. Transportation engineering has become the cornerstone of our professional service. AYCE's ability to provide innovative, flexible, and sustainable transportation solutions shines across a wide spectrum of projects including interstate highways and parkways, interchange designs, intersection improvements, roundabouts, and a myriad of related projects.          
We are equally comfortable delivering a project via design-bid-build or design-build, and we always offer our clients value-added service regardless of the project delivery method. 
We provide transportation solutions that are vital to our clients and our communities.



  • Complete Street Design - Rural and Urban

  • Freeway System Interchange Design

  • Street Intersection Design

  • ADA Improvements


  • Multimodal Corridor Planning and Design

  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Planning & Design

  • Autonomous Vehicle Corridor Planning and Design

  • EV Charging Station Planning and Design

  • Project Study Report (PSR)

  • Project Report / Environmental Document (PR/ED)

  • Plans Specifications and Estimates (PS&E)

  • Alternative Delivery Methods

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