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Who We Are

We are civil engineers who work largely on designing transportation infrastructures, that is, freeways and roadways. It is a field that requires a high degree of specialized knowledge about automobile and driver behaviors to design the safest and most efficient facilities for users. We bring value to our clients by helping them meet federal, state, and local regulatory requirements.  

AYCE is fully dedicated to working with our partners and your team to bring you value-added engineering services. We take pride in our capabilities and accomplishments, and so will you. 




David, a seasoned professional in the field of transportation with a career spanning over three decades, holds engineering licenses in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Currently, he heads AYCE as its President and Principal, demonstrating notable technical proficiency, strategic acumen, and leadership in managing large-scale, multidisciplinary projects.
Before the establishment of AYCE, Mr. Woo held high-ranking roles in renowned firms such as the Louis Berger Group (WSP). As the Vice President and Transportation Director there, he was key in broadening the company's footprint in Southern California and directing design-build projects. Additionally, his tenure as the local transportation department manager for HNTB underscored his ability to fuel company growth.
Both a pragmatic executor and a visionary leader, David Woo brings an extensive breadth of knowledge and skills to his position at AYCE, thereby ensuring the successful fruition of intricate transportation projects.

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Ms. Kandice Nguyen, PE, is a highly skilled Principal with over 15 years of experience in the design-build of urban freeways. She holds licenses in California and Nevada and is renowned for her successful completion of assignments on some of the most complex Caltrans freeway design-build projects, earning her a strong reputation in the industry. Ms. Nguyen's valuable expertise in delivering design to construction plays a critical role in the success of AYCE Consulting Engineers. She specializes in preparing geometric approval drawings (GAD), obtaining Caltrans approval in Design Standard Decision Documents (DSDD) for non-standard features (previously called mandatory and advisory exception fact sheets), and finalizing roadway construction documents. In addition, Ms. Nguyen skillfully resolves design issues with approval agencies and coordinates seamlessly with various disciplines within the team, including traffic, structures, drainage, electrical, and others.  Her ability to effectively collaborate with contractors ensures smooth project execution and enhances the overall quality of the firm's work.
Her extensive knowledge and experience make her an invaluable asset to AYCE Consulting Engineers and contribute significantly to the firm's reputation for excellence in transportation infrastructure design and construction management.

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