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AYCE Consulting Engineers Inc. was established in 2015. We are a transportation planning and design firm that specializes in the design of complex transportation projects of all sizes in Southern California and throughout the nation. Founded by senior professionals with backgrounds in civil engineering, construction management, and 3D modeling, AYCE has its headquarters in Santa Ana, California. The firm offers expertise in delivering design to construction with Caltrans and local agencies, bridging the gap between large national and international engineering firms and infrastructure constructors and the design specifics of local agencies. The principals of the firm have over five decades of combined experience in planning and engineering of freeways, system interchanges, local interchanges, arterials, local streets, and grade separations, having worked at top transportation engineering firms and public organizations.

The firm's principals have exceptional personal skills and work well in an integrated project office setting with clients, teams, and third-party reviewers. They have proven expertise in managing and leading the delivery of projects requiring flexible local leadership and the ability to explain complicated local issues clearly.

In addtion, AYCE provides Interactive Digital Twin Modeling customized for each project to preview projects before construction, enabling detailed planning and public engagement through a virtual environment. This model supports design reviews with clash detections, aids construction phases, and can be viewed remotely on any device. It allows users to explore designs in various modes, like driving or walking, and create visual content within the Model.




Caltrans District 7, SR-210 ADA Upgrades DB Project

  • 42 Miles Along State Route - 210 in Los Angeles County

  • 14 Cities Involvement
  • 264 ADA Ramp Upgrades

California Department of Transportation partnered with Sully-Miller Contracting Co. and AYCE Consulting Engineers, Inc. on the successful delivery of the State Route 210 ADA Curb Ramp Upgrades design-build project.


​Project improvement provides improved access and enhanced safety for users of all ages and abilities by upgrading curb ramps, along with the installation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) system and pedestrian countdown timers to conform to current ADA standards.

A Message From Our Co-Founder and Principal


"Our size, in many instances, is an asset to our clients.  We can provide the flexibility much larger firms cannot offer.  It's great for our clients and builds on our current reputation.  We want you to be our client.  We are extremely optimistic about our future and want to share it with you."

Kandice Nguyen, PE

Co-founder and Principal 


We are proud of our team's ability to deliver comprehensive engineering services, but we also recognize the power of tapping into outside partners under the right circumstances. In the end, AYCE's commitment to strategic teaming is about adding value for our clients.




AYCE is WBE, DBE, SBE Certified in the following:

(When veryifying for firm's certifications always check for their NAICS code relating to their services.  If they don't match, you will not get credit for their services)


237120  Oil and Gas Pipeline - Construction Management

237130  Power & Communication Line - Construction Management

237310  Highway, Street, and Bridge - Construction Management

237990  Other Heavy and Civil Engineering - Construction Management

541330  Engineering Services

541340  Drafting Services

541430  Graphic Design Services

541611  Management Consulting Services

237110  Water and Sewer Line - Construction Management  

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